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Creating an Efficient Marketplace Strategy on Amazon [Podcast]

November 21, 2018
On today's episode, Steve Weiss interviews David Yu, an expert on growing brands on ...
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Building a Unique Product Experience w/ Rob Schutz of Ro [Podcast]

October 29, 2018
On today's episode, Steve Weiss interviews Rob Schutz, Co-founder of Ro. Ro is a ...
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Are Your Facebook CPMs Rising? Here’s Why [Podcast]

October 3, 2018
Are Your Facebook CPMs Rising? Tune in to today's podcast to hear from Steve Weiss, CEO ...
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Why You Should Be Advertising Your eComm Brand on YouTube [Podcast]

September 21, 2018
Learn from the experts at MuteSix on how to use YouTube to increase revenue for your ...
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How to Launch and Build an Affiliate Marketing Program [Podcast]

September 14, 2018
Learn from Steve Weiss, CEO of MuteSix, and Senior Campaign Manager Josh Henry-Hicks on ...
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When to Start Scaling Your Ad Spend [Podcast]

September 7, 2018
Tune in to today's episode to hear from myself, Steve Weiss, and MuteSix's Senior ...
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Get Your UGC Trending This Week w/ Rafael Romis [Podcast]

August 20, 2018
This week, Spend $10k a Day host, Susana is joined by Rafael Romis, an eCommerce brand ...
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Is More Data Always Better Data? [Podcast]

August 10, 2018
On today's episode, I have the pleasure of interviewing MuteSix’s CMO, Maria Claudio, to ...
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Striving for Challenges w/ Colin Wayne of RedlineSteel [Podcast]

July 16, 2018
On today's episode, I have the pleasure of interviewing fitness influencer, model, and ...
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How will Instagram TV have an impact on your business? [Podcast]

July 13, 2018
Facebook has finally launched Instagram TV: their first attempt at creating a platform to ...
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Changes You Should Make To Your Facebook Ad Strategies [Podcast]

July 10, 2018
Facebook has updated its platform once again. Tune in to hear me discuss changes you need ...
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Changes Coming to the Facebook Platform [Podcast]

June 15, 2018
On today's episode, I go into detail on some of the most recent changes on the Facebook ...
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