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Google Smart Shopping: Here's How It Works

May 31, 2019
In late in 2018, Google released its newest campaign type: Smart Shopping.
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Google Announces New Targeting Capabilities with AdWords Detailed Demographics

July 25, 2018
Not so long ago, Google announced new targeting capabilities for ad buyers, which seems ...
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What to Do on Facebook and Google When You're Going to Get Press

January 3, 2018
When receiving any sort of major press from a popular podcast, TV show, newspaper, or ...
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How to Find the Right Attribution Model for Your Business [Podcast]

November 23, 2016
Episode 2 of our internet marketing podcast is up! In this episode, MuteSix CEO Steve ...
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Introducing the "Spend $10K A Day" Podcast

November 21, 2016
The MuteSix team is very excited to announce our newest project - The "Spend $10K a Day" ...
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Mobile Contact Made Easy: New Click-to-Text Message Extension for AdWords

November 8, 2016
As a consumer, you don’t always have time to fill out a website’s contact form. You don’t ...
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Google's New Cross-device Remarketing - Everything You Need to Know

October 24, 2016
If you’re anything like most digital marketers, you’ve been wondering: Is cross-device ...
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Join MuteSix and Google for Our Co-hosted Event About Marketing During Holiday Shopping Season - October 14th in New York City

September 21, 2016
MuteSix is proud to announce that we will be co-hosting a panel and networking event with ...
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