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Messenger Bots Are The Future Of High-Converting Strategy

September 12, 2019
Are you spending thousands of dollars per day sending paid traffic to your site but only ...
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Threads: The New App Facebook Is Creating for Close Friends

September 10, 2019
There has been quite a bit of talk this month about Facebook testing a new messaging app ...
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Connect Your Email List with a Messenger Bot to Skyrocket  Revenue

September 5, 2019
Who would you like to skyrocket their e-commerce revenue?
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Facebook Launches Its TV Streaming Service From $2.99/Month

September 3, 2019
Facebook and chill…anyone?
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Facebook Shrinks Ad Space in Mobile News Feed for Pages and Ads

August 29, 2019
Did you know that on August 19, 2019 Facebook changed the way ads appeared in the mobile ...
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Instagram Removes Likes from Posts - Oh My Gosh!

August 27, 2019
When Instagram came out with new tests, it added something to its platform.
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Increase Repeat Orders Using These Email Templates

August 22, 2019
The cost per acquisition (CPA) and the number of new customers/users are often the most ...
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Facebook To Start Showing News Stories in Australia

August 20, 2019
Earlier in August, Facebook Australia announced partnerships with six Australian news ...
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3-Step Abandon Cart Email Series

August 15, 2019
Did you know that the average abandon cart rate in 2018 for online stores was 75.6%?
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Facebook Is Testing New Ad Placements in Search

August 13, 2019
The other week I was setting up a new campaign and noticed that Facebook added a new ...
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Facebook Adds New Monetization Tools for Creators

August 8, 2019
Facebook has announced that it is making major changes to its monetization tools for ...
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Facebook Updates Its Ads Manager for 2019

August 6, 2019
Does your Ads Manager look like it just had a makeover? Well that’s because Facebook is ...
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